Nanda Malini – Album 01 – 37MB

Last update – 2017-09-18

නන්දා මාලිනී – ගීත එකතුව

Budu Thaththe-Nanda Malini – -.mp3
Dingiri Amma-Nanda Malini – -.mp3
Dora Kavulu-Nanda Malini – -.mp3
Hanthana Adaviye-Nanda Malini – -.mp3
Hemanthayedi-Nanda Malini – -.mp3
Kothanaka Ho-Nanda Malini – -.mp3
Kurutu Ga Gee-Nanda Malini – -.mp3
Preemaya Nam-Nanda Malini – -.mp3
Raththaran Duwe – Nanda Malani – -.Mp3
Thunhele Kala Thula – Nanda Malani – -.Mp3
Yugayen Yugaye-Nanda Malini – -.mp3

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